Why I Use a Non-Electric Bidet

It’s a topic not a lot of us want to talk about – or at least not in the open.  But regardless of our own privacy, personal hygiene is a matter that concerns everyone, and if you are to buy the right bidet to take care of yourself, then you had better consider your options.

There is always the big question: do you want an electronic bidet or a non-electric bidet?  My personal preference is for the non-electric, not only because of the crisp feeling you get after flushing your hind end with non-electric goodness, but also because of the following reasons.

  1. Cost Effective and Less of an Investment

Let’s face it, no one could ever say anything negative about the kind of wash you get from the electric bidet, but they are just so expensive.  You have to consider the fact that you are maintaining your anus here, not a priceless Oscar trophy – you don’t need to pay top dollar to make sure your butt is in gear.  Just do what you have to do to keep the air down there instead of up here.

  1. Mother Nature Will Love You

Everybody wants to be greener these days, but you don’t want your back end to be green, you want it to be pretty and pink and healthy.  Well, what better way to help yourself help the world than by using a non-electric bidet, which does not waste electrical energy which can help you save money!

  1. Toilet Paper Will Be a Thing of the Past

Who needs to scrub their bottoms with wafer thin paper squares when you can blast it fire hose style with a non-electric bidet?  This can result in over $500 in savings – possibly more if your bottom is particularly stingy with the brown stuff.

  1. Non-Electric Promotes Less Maintenance

Electric bidets require almost constant maintenance or else they will not perform up to par and could result in itching, soreness and bacterial infections of the rectum.  A happy anus is a clean anus, and I think you will agree that going non-electric will not only keep you clean and snug, but also keep your machine running smoothly with little room for error.

  1. Try Using Pipe Ran Warm Water

One of the biggest concerns future bidet owners have is that their non-electrics will run with cold water, which as one might imagine can be a bit surprising if you are not ready for it.  Forget about that!   You can connect your bidet to the hot and cold pipes of your sink to your bidet so you can enjoy warm water instead of the icy variety.

Choosing a non-electric bidet is without a doubt the smarter choice.  You can avoid trouble with future maintenance; go green in the process and save a boatload of money with not only the choice of a non-electric, but also by scrapping your toilet paper and using warm water from your sink.

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