About Bidets

Our line of Bidets intuitive and easy to use design are so easy, there is no need to hire a plumber. You can install them yourself! No tools or electricity required, the bidet attachment hooks up directly to your toilet’s water tank. In only a few minutes, it installs easily on all standard toilets between the seat and the rim. The Bidet offers all the quality and comfort of the expensive brands without the cost or hassle of a plumber. A pressure sensitive lever controls the water spray making it easy for all ages to use and perfect for the entire family. Learn how to install the bidet!

The Bidet is Environment friendly - Go Green!

The pulp from one Eucalyptus tree, produces only as few as 1,000 rolls of toilet tissue. According to RISI, an independent market analysis firm in Bedford, Massachusetts, the average American individual uses 23.6 rolls of toilet paper per year. Many households have four or more residents, which adds up to a lot of toilet paper waste and a lot of trees.
With the Bidet you can save trees by not contributing to paper waste. Plus you save money by not having to purchase toilet paper. Great for the environment and great for your wallet!

The Bidet is Hygienic, Cleansing, Therapeutic

Our Bidets are the hygienic, and therapeutic way to cleanse. The soothing water sprays leave you feeling shower fresh after every use. A bidet is doctor recommended and a far more hygienic method of cleansing than toilet paper, which can cause or add to irritation in your most sensitive areas. The use of Bidets can ease the irritation of hemorrhoids and aid with constipation by stimulating bowel movements. To be clean is to be healthy. Bidet health benefits.

The Bidet is Quality and at a affordable price

Every one of our Bidets are made with the highest quality materials and goes through rigorous testing to eliminate defects. Enjoy all the benefits of the more expensive bidets at a much more reasonable and affordable price. Our Bidets are a simple, inexpensive alternative to complex and costly bidets. Our products are built to last and comes with a 90 days replacement warranty. There is no need to settle for a secondary product. Bidet International offers all the high quality and comfort of the expensive brands at a lower cost to you. Shop our bidets today.

Read what our customers are saying about our products:

The bidet is great! Installation wasn’t as bad as I expected. What can I say? I did it myself! I have never made a wiser purchase where personal hygiene is concerned. The only down side is that I can’t be without it. I hate it when I am away from my bidet. No home should be without one.

Janet T.
Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been researching bidets since first experiencing one at a hotel in France a few weeks ago. ( Where has this wonderful product been all my life???) To my surprise, local plumbing suppliers carry nothing of the kind, and Home Depot never heard of the concept. One local plumbing house would have ordered some kind of wash let seat for me, but the price was stratospheric! The bidet looks superior to anything else I’ve found on the Internet, and I look forward to having it installed. In fact several of my friends are lining up to try it out!
Best wishes

Mike D. Rochester, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I set up my bidet attachment yesterday and it was very simple to do and it works great! I compared you product with several others and found it to be the best overall purchase, and that’s not to mention the very affordable price. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank You,

Melissa M. Miami, FL

Hello – I have received the Bidet system in good condition. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your service. By the way this was my first internet order.

Paul K. PA

I was hesitant at first with this one. Me and plumbing do not go well together. Usually when I attempt it I end up breaking things and making a mess. I proved myself wrong with this one! The installation couldn’t be any easier and best of all I didn’t need any help. Good product, thanks.

Kim, NJ

Who would have thought that I would be writing to you now? I was first introduced to the toilet bidet at my boyfriends house. I was kind of grossed out at first but he insisted that I try it. I finally did and needless to say I am hooked!

Carol E., CA

I recently ordered this product for my grandfather with back problems. He can’t stop thanking me! He really enjoys his bidet.
Thank you bidet international

Joseph S. Pittsburgh, PA