Common Questions asked about our bidets

There are many questions asked when it comes to the bidet. It is not as known in America as it is in other parts of the world. Here are some common questions asked about the bidet, along with their answer.

How can I fit the bidet in my bathroom?

The original bidet was separate from the toilet and took up a lot of room. People who were of high class could only afford to buy the bidet. They were made of expensive material such as porcelain and were very fancy. The high class people were the only ones who had a big enough bathroom to fit the bidet. They were the size of the toilet itself and the people would sit on them to wash up. The bidet was thought of as high class because of its price and size. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

There are now bidets that are affordable and don’t take up any room at all. These bidets are attached to the toilet itself and don’t require any additional space. These bidets are now made up of plastic and aren’t made up of the expensive material they once were. Even though they are plastic they are still quality and durable. The bidets are cheaper yet they are sturdy and last a long time. The prices for these toilet seat attachments range from as low as 25 dollars to as high as 1000 dollars. For these bidets all you need is enough space to have a toilet and your bidet will fit. No longer does one require a huge bathroom to own a bidet and no longer is it only for the high class. It is now affordable and does not take up any room. Almost anyone now can afford a bidet and have room for it.

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Is the water coming out of the bidet cold?

The water used by the bidet is hooked up to the same cold water tap used by your sink or toilet. The temperature is usually a comfortable room temperuature even in the winter time. If you happen to have cold water that runs through the pipes, it will most likely be manageable and satisfying. If warm water temperature is what you are looking for, then there are some nifty techniques for setting that up. One technique would be to get a two way water splitter adapter and attach one end to your sinks hot water outlet, the second end to your cold water outlet, and third end to your bidet. This adapter will combine the hot and cold water into a comfortable warm water. Please consult with your plumber for achieving such a setup.

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Is it true that the bidet can save on toilet paper?

Yes this is true. Americans spend 1000s of dollars a year buying toilet paper. Since that is all these use to clean their butt, they use a lot of it. Most of them don’t use a bidet and because of that they use all this toilet paper. Using a bidet will eliminate the need to use toilet paper to almost none at all. Having water clean the area is much more effective than using toilet paper and one once uses the bidet they won’t want to use toilet paper again. Using toilet paper does not do as good of a job as a bidet anyway. Not only do you get a cleaner butt but you also save money since you don’t have to buy toilet paper. Its a win-win situation.

Is the Bidet Easy to Install?

Yes the bidet is very easy to install, it comes with everything you need in the package and no tools are necessary. For for info on how to install the bidet check out Bidet Installation.

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Can I return the bidet?

Yes unopened bidets are returnable for a full refund. We also offer warranty for up to 90 days on any broken parts. The buyer has to pay for the return shipping. For more info on our warranty and return policy check out our Return Policy

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Will the bidet fit on my toilet?

It depends on what type of toilet you have, our bidet fits on most 2 piece standard toilets. Unfortunately it does not fit on any one piece toilets. If you are still unsure if it will fit, you can always email us with pictures of your toilet and we will be. glad to assist you.

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How do I clean the bidet?

The bidet is very easy to clean, you would clean it as if you cleaned a toilet with a toilet bowl brush. Our bidets lift up for easy access to clean the underneath surface.

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When Will I receive my bidet?

We will ship out the bidet within 1 business day and you can expect to receive it 4 days after you placed your order. If you still have not received it at this time, please send us an email.

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For more questions that we have not addressed here, feel free to contact us at any time.