Why Buying One Bidet is Better Than Endless Rolls of Toilet Paper

Bidets are the wave of the future for those hygiene enthusiasts who feel that hand wiping between their buttocks just isn’t good enough.  It’s not hard to understand why one would be less than enthused about the prospect of how clean his or her rear is after wiping.  With the modern day pressures of work, school, kids, Internet, games, movies, books, theater, and heaven only knows what else, it can be intimidating to have to waste what little time we have left tending to our backsides.

But it’s important that we do so, because without proper hygiene we invite numerous troubles upon ourselves.

But toilet paper cannot stay the norm.  Bidets offer a clean, hands free solution to the age old problem of cleaning one’s anus.  Now, it is time to throw all those old misconceptions of bidets and start over, start fresh, and here’s why.

  1. Bidet Usage is Far Cheaper Than Buying Toilet Paper

When you wipe with toilet paper, you have to look forward to buying more.  And when that’s gone, you have to buy more and more.  The cheapest toilet paper is going to run you around five bucks, and if you have to buy it every week, then by the end of the year you’ll have spent in the vicinity of over $250.  Your bidet is a onetime price, and when you’re done paying that, you’re good.  No more charges, no hidden fees, nothing at all but clean, clean butt.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

A bidet is environmentally friendly because unlike toilet paper you do not have to deposit sheet after sheet of paper in your toilet and flush it into the sewer system.  Sure, it should biodegrade eventually, but God only knows when that will happen.  Believe it or not, the average American uses 23.7 toilet paper rolls every single year?  If you live with other people, multiply that by a considerable number.

  1. Bidets Don’t Run Out

Toilet paper runs out, usually at the most inopportune times.  Bidets never run out as long as you have running water.  You can clean yourself every single day for the rest of your life on a single bidet.  Sure, you might have to replace it, but it’s just as likely that you won’t.

  1. A Bidet is Far Cleaner Than Toilet Paper

There are many reasons why a bidet is cleaner than toilet paper.  One point that it makes sense to make is simply the fact that you are smearing a paper square with feces using your fingers.  This inherently is a very dirty and disgusting thing.  A bidet uses water to flush the feces away, which is not only far more hygienic for you personally but is also far more efficient.

  1. The Bidet Feels Good Fast

Toilet paper never feels good.  It is rough and unpleasant on your most sensitive of parts, and if you have to repeatedly use it over a short time period it can damage your rectum. It is also far less able to clean than a bidet and takes far more time to clean you.

Why bother with toilet paper and an outdated mode of personal hygiene when you could jump on the bandwagon and start cleaning yourself in style with pure water instead of ragged gross squares of paper?  Makes a lot more sense to take the no hands approach and keep you clean in the process, while reducing any possibility of harming yourself.

The bidet is the way to go, and I hope I have convinced you of that now.

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